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Foster Dogs

Not only do we love boxers but all other animals! We are proud to say we foster animals from P.A.W.S. (Panhandle Animal Welfare Society). We foster mostly puppies because shelters are not a place for puppies who are defenseless to diseases and sometimes are too young to eat dog food and are required bottled milk. We also hope to rescue any boxers who have found their way into the shelter. If interested in any of the dogs or puppies on this page let us know!

                  We are proud to announce! 

                     We are foster failures! 

       We are keeping Timothy, He is now a Part of our family!

Meet Timothy!

He is a Pit bull/Bulldog mix and nine months old. 

When Timothy was 3 weeks old him and his 5 other siblings were dropped off at PAWS, one of the girls was taken by one of the women working there and we took the other 5 puppies. We kept them for about 3 months intill they were all adopted out. Everything was great! One of Timothy's brothers even got adopted by a fireman and is often at the fire-station! However after 3 months at his new home Timothy was surrendered back to the shelter, skinny and malnourished. We did not know that he had been given back and was only told 2 months later when he was adopted out again and a worker at PAWS said something on an old facebook photo. We let them know that any puppies we fostered were taken back we would foster them again. Then 2 days later we got a call that he had been tied up in the middle of the night to one of the fences at the shelter. We took him home with us and have began the process of fattening him up. Timothy is a sweet dog with a love for the water!