Boxers On The Bay

Where sandy paws and salty kisses are born

This is Bambi!

 She is a sweet loving girl and beautiful mother!

She likes to prance like a deer through the yard which is the main reason why we named her Bambi , or because of her big brown doe eyes. We got Bambi Christmas of 2013 from a AKC Boxer breeder in Panama City , I fell in love with her immediately . She is a sweet gentle princess who maintains a slim fit! Bambi is a gorgeous AKC and health certified Boxer and we believe her puppies are just as sweet and beautiful. 

This is Molly!

Molly is one of the puppies from Bambi's litter she had in March. From day one she was a sweet, hyper puppy. Molly looks just like her mom, and acts like her too! They are both leaders and always leading the other dogs into trouble. We know you are the one that started the digging Molly! However, just like her mom, she loves me and my husband. She loves to snuggle on the couch with momma and give daddy kisses. Molly is AKC from a Champion Bloodline and health certified. 

This is Zeek!

He is definitely one of the boys. Zeek is very stocky and full of energy, you will never win a tug-o-war against him! Zeek thinks he's a lap dog. just look at that face! Zeek troops right along with Molly and loves to dig with her. Even when we had other puppies around Zeek was in love with Molly. He always followed her around and would lay with her. I guess they are just meant to be! Zeek is AKC and health certified. 

This is Precious!

She is one of Bambi's puppies. Precious loves nothing more than getting love. It doesn't matter from who, she just wants love. Even though she isn't Bambi's Minnie-me, she loves her so much. Precious loves playing with Bambi and sleeping next to her on the couch. Precious is from an AKC Champion bloodline and Health Certified.